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(gin loving, tea drinking, book reading, wild swimmer)

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As well as being the incredibly proud owner of a thriving (get it?!) consultancy, I'm also a self-confessed beach bum. I live on the South Coast of England, just 10 minutes from a beautiful 6-mile beach. You'll mostly find me there. Or in a coffee shop, looking out over the sea, drinking a coconut milk latte.

​I actually grew up in the farthest possible spot from the sea, on the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border. You'll probably pick up a twang of an accent and the odd colloquialism (if yer keep yer tabs open).

I've had a varied career, spending 15 years in the corporate world before founding Innovate & Thrive Co. I started out as a legal PA, then spent a few years in London as a Business Manager for board executives at investment banks. Next came a big career change as I qualified and worked as a global Change Manager for a FTSE 100 telecoms company, and finally managed a team of global Change Managers and Implementation Specialists within HR operations for the same telecoms company. 


It's safe to say that I'm addicted to learning and being thrown in at the deep end! 'Sink or swim' is my career comfort zone. So, I guess it was inevitable that I'd start my own consultancy!

fun facts, anyone?

I have a *minor* addiction to plants. Indoor or outdoor. Give me another couple of years and I'll be living in a jungle.

I really dislike wine. I know, I know ... but I do. Gin and rum, however, are my go-to on the rare occasion I have a drink!

I love travelling! I've been to 12 countries outside of the UK, some of my favourites are Bali, Sri Lanka, Spain and Belize.

I spent 2 years working as a full-time artist after I left the corporate world - it was the perfect way to decompress!

our toolbox


Good business design means stepping back and seeing your business as a whole. It means that decisions are not made in silos, but by understanding the impact across the business and in the future. For example before implementing a new system you would ensure it fits with your strategy, it aligns with your brand and conduct a cost/benefit analysis. Then you'd consider how it fits into your existing system landscape, whether it would have an impact on any roles or responsibilities within your team, who would need training on the system and who would deliver that training.

That's the thinking we'll do together. I'll guide you through it every step of the way, challenging and supporting you as needed until we have a brilliant business design that works for you.


As a qualified and experienced Change Management Practitioner, I understand the challenges that come with making strategic and operational changes to a busy business. It can kinda feel like trying to change the tyre on a car whilst driving 70 down the motorway ... and the car is on fire. So, I draw on my experience and multiple change management frameworks to ensure that the changes we make to your business are done in the best possible way for success. 


As an experienced Implementation Specialist, I can manage the implementation of any changes we make to your business. Whether it's communications, training, system implementations, hiring plans, creating process maps and SOPS I have you covered. With regular updates, and a maximum 3 month timeline, your business will be streamlined and feeling good in no time at all!


I've surrounded myself with a brilliant team of experts who I work with as needed. For example, a small business lawyer who writes employee contracts, business policies and manages copyright applications. A brand designer who will bring to life a beautiful business brand strategy and visuals. A systems expert to set up any new systems. Together we can deliver the implementation of any changes we make to your business design, if you want us to.