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With the increased need for, and awareness of ‘self-care’ and boundaries within our businesses, are the lines becoming blurred? Are we putting boundaries in place that push us into a poor customer experience? What is the difference between boundaries as an individual and boundaries as a business owner? How can we shape our business in a way that gives us what we need whilst delivering a good experience for our clients and maintaining our hard earned reputation?

Join me as I explore this subject. It's the start of a thought process and conversation, and one I'd love to hear from you on. Please send me your thoughts and observations and I'll build them into a future blog on this!

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Steph Sanderson is a business design consultant who helps service-based businesses to accelerate their growth in a sustainable way through pricing, customer experience, process planning, systems and strategic planning. She has over 15 years experience in the field, working as a business manager, global Change Manager and Implementation Specialist. Find out more.