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(I'll bring the tools and knowledge, you bring the action!)



My guess is that you're here because you're busy doing all the things, but you're not really sure if they're the right things. Something feels 'off'. And you haven't got the time to figure out what, because you're busy doing all the things! You know where you want to be, but you're don't really know how to get there.


You're just kinda ... winging it?!

Let me help. Over 8 weeks, I'll take you through my strategic business planning framework to help you create a bespoke, practical plan that will form the heart of your business. It will become your culture, your guide, your decision making framework and your tool for spotting opportunities (and threats).


Simply put, you'll build an intentional, sustainable, value led business that aligns with your version of success.



what is


Breakthrough is an 8 week programme for service based business owners.


There will be 8 in-person workshops, 4 pre-recorded mini master-classes, all the templates and worksheets, an accountability buddy, a co-working option, a supportive cohort of fellow business owners on hand in our Facebook Group, and journalling prompts to ensure that you're shaping a business you love.

You'll learn how to plan and build a sustainable business that always connects back to your values and ideal client. And you'll learn how to turn that plan into something useful so that it becomes the core of your business and activities.


You'll create and begin to implement your very own plan in a safe space with experts on hand. You won't have to second guess anything.

doors open



sign up?

Let's be honest, we've all winged it to some degree! It can be a fun and useful way to explore the possibilities of your business. But if you've hit the point where you're either entirely overwhelmed with the day-to-day running and/or you want real clarity on what your business is, where it's going, and how to get there ... you need a plan.

Here's how it can help


Winging it






Planning it

THRIVING thanks to a value based culture, working with ideal clients, holiday pay, down time and contingency funds

CLARITY thanks to planning, processes and the right systems

Exploring BRAND ALIGNED IDEAS when the time is right, and saying no to distractions

AGILE and RESPONSIVE GROWTH thanks to regular reviews and tweaks

You'll finish this programme with a strategic plan that encompasses;

BEHAVIOURS - Your culture, vision, mission and values

OPERATIONS - Your processes (including the all important client experience), tech and property

PEOPLE - The skills and roles you will need in your business to deliver your goals, and a hiring/outsourcing plan

STRATEGY - Your ideal clients, services, pricing model, financial forecasting, marketing, goals and a SWOT analysis

You'll also have an action plan, in a format that works for you, so that you can successfully bring your plan to life.

(the eagled eyed among you might have spotted that is the Innovate & Thrive Co. BOPS Framework©)


what my

clients say

"It's been great to work with Steph to keep my business moving forward, especially through the last few months. Having someone to work through my goals, and action plans with has been really beneficial for me to stay on track.


As a creative, the business management side of things has always been my downfall but Steph has really supported me. I wish I had started working with her sooner!"



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what does

Breakthrough include?

8 live group workshops (via Zoom)


They will be recorded, so if you can't make it live you can watch the replay. Here's how the call will be structured;


Learning topic deep dive; what is it? Why is it important? How do you do it? | 45 mins

Q&A - an open session to help you apply the training to your business | 30 mins

Week 1

The heart of your business (values and culture, vision, mission)

Week 2

Shaping your services (ensuring that they meet the needs of your ideal client + utilise your skillset)

Week 3

Goal setting (getting clear on direction, and how you'll track progress)

Week 4

Money, money, money (financial forecasting and defining your pricing model)

Week 5

The client experience (creating an experience that reflects your brand, values and gets your clients talking)

Week 6

Business operations (mapping out your processes, systems and any property requirements)

Week 7

Marketing 101 (marketing channels, key messages and tips) - with Danielle Garber, Be More You

Week 8

SWOT analysis + detailed planning (testing the strategy, and planning the next quarter in detail)




4 pre-recorded mini-masterclasses

Do I really need a business model? with me

Building a branding beyond the logo with Julie Christie, Branding by Juls

The legal stuff with Ingrid Fernandez, Dec & Dash

Strategic hiring/outsourcing with me




Workbooks, prompts and actions to help you build your strategic business plan as we move through the topics




An accountability partner - you can work together through the actions, support each other and, well, just have a cuppa if you want to! It's up to you to turn this partnership into something invaluable, but I'll give you pointers along the way.




Ongoing support from myself and the rest of your cohort through our Facebook Group



3 sets of journalling prompts to support your progress and decision making through the trickiest weeks (i.e. pricing!)



A weekly group co-working option so that we can work through the actions together

how much does it


Breakthrough is £450 or 3 monthly instalments of £150

Breakthrough + 8 x 1 hour weekly co-working sessions is £500 or 3 monthly instalments of £167

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is it for?

  • You've probably never had a useful strategy and action plan to give you direction, help you make decisions or push you toward your goals; OR

  • You don't buy into the cookie cutter/blueprint success rhetoric because you realise that every business takes a unique road to 'success'

  • You might have done other programmes, courses or masterclasses but found there was little depth behind them. You're in need of an experienced, qualified expert so my background as an operations and behavioural Change Manager in a global FTSE100 company is perfect for you!

  • You're feeling overwhelmed, stuck in the 'doing' and struggling to find time to work on your business

  • You’ve been winging it for a while, and now you’d like to learn how to build a sustainable business; structuring it effectively, planning for growth and maintaining the lifestyle you love

  • You can visualise your dream business, but you’re not sure how to get there

  • You want to feel in control of your business, with clarity around what is where and where it's headed, confident that you can move it forward


pay what you can


We all know that the consulting industry can exclude lots of great business owners and entrepreneurs from marginalised groups and low income communities.

So I'm offering 3 Pay What You Can spaces to anyone who identifies as being from a marginalised group (as per the list of 'protected characteristics' under The Equality Act 2010) or a low income community and would love to join but can’t afford the full price right now.

You won’t be asked to provide any proof, I'll never question the amount that you pay, I'm just happy that you'll be joining us!

Fill out the joining form as normal, and pop me an email with the amount I should invoice you for. Let me know whether you want to pay in one payment, or 3 monthly instalments.


If you're ummming and ahhhing about taking a PWYC space, please don't! You are very welcome, and I want to support you on your business journey!


what my

clients say

"If you want a modern and fresh approach to working with a business consultant, Steph is the one for you. She's super calm, engaging, has a wealth of experience and best of all she understands what you are going through from a creative view."





That's a great question and I'm so glad you asked! Investing in your business and personal development shouldn't be taken lightly. So research away! Here's a starter for ten on my background, experience and qualifications ...

  • I've had a varied career, spending 15 years in the corporate world before founding Innovate & Thrive Co. I started out as a legal PA, then spent a few years in London as a Business Manager for board executives at investment banks.

  • Then came a big career change as I qualified and worked as a global Change Manager for a FTSE 100 telecoms company.

  • Finally, I managed a team of global Change Managers and Implementation Specialists within HR Operations for the same telecoms company. As a team we delivered system, process and behavioural change into operating companies in 27 countries and to over 250,000 employees.

  • I founded Innovate & Thrive Co. in February 2019, and have worked with over 100 businesses to create effective strategies and optimise their operations.

  • I act as Head of Operations in 2 start-up companies on a retained basis.

  • The reason I left corporate to do what I do, is so I can work with business owners to build a business they love. No rules, no measuring up to someone else's standard of success. Just adaptable, sustainable, joy filled businesses.

  • I continue to keep my skills up to date; I'm currently studying the Strategy Implementation Professional qualification and Level 7 Operations Management Diploma and will be accredited shortly. This will complement my existing qualification as a Change Management Practitioner. I have also completed short courses with Harvard Business School on Organisational Design and Organisational Effectiveness.

If you think I'm the person to inject some expertise in your business, then you know what to do ...


Frequently asked questions

What are the key dates I need to know?

  • Doors open on 13th September (or 10th September if you're on the waitlist)
  • Doors close on 24th September
  • Bonus kick-off workshop at 2pm on Thursday 30th September (let's get to know each other!)
  • First workshop at 10am on Tuesday 5th October.
  • Coworking session will be held at 10.30am every Friday for the duration of the programme

What if I can't make the live workshop time?

Don't worry, every workshop is recorded and made available the same day. I'll be in the Facebook Group throughout the week, so if you watch it and have questions then you can hop in there for support.

Do I have to have an accountability buddy?

Only if you want one! Some people (myself included) find an accountability buddy incredibly useful when working through a programme like this. You'll have the same buddy for the duration, so you'll really get to know each other and build a trusted relationship. But if it's not for you, that's cool. You can absolutely fly solo through the programme!

Who is this for?

You've been winging it for a while, and you're seeking more structure. You're clear on what your business is, and might have hit a growth plateau or complete overwhelm (hello hamster wheel and burnout!). You're not looking for a quick fix, or a blueprint that leads to a quick £10k month. You understand that a sustainable business takes time and hard work (although doesn't have to be all consuming), and it will be well worth the effort. You might want to grow or scale your business, but equally you could be looking to streamline and claim time back for other things. You've probably worked with 'coaches' and 'experts' but found that their programmes, masterclasses and course had very little depth behind them. So you're searching for an expert who is both experienced and qualified. That's where I step in! I've got over 15 years experience in a range of roles including Business Manager, global Change Manager and Team Leader within a FTSE100 telecoms company. I've managed large scale system and process change (think 27 countries, 250,000 employees!) and I'm bringing all of that experience to your business. In a simplified way, of course.

Do you have other payment plans available?

I have 2 standard ways to way;

  1. In full (£450)
  2. 3 x monthly payments (£150 per month)
If you need something different, please get in touch. BUT a gentle reminder - this programme will run again in February so there is no pressure to join now. And I really don't want you getting into debt. So if you're keen but now isn't the right time, get saving and I'll see you in February!

What if I don't complete my strategy and plan in 8 weeks?

Don't worry! You'll have access to the Facebook Group and all of the session recordings until 31st January 2022. The workbooks and templates are yours to keep.

I've still got more questions ...

No problem, pop me an email and let's chat.